FREE Astrophotography Stacker – Deep Sky Stacker (DSS)

DeepSkyStacker (DSS) is a user-friendly tool for stacking astronomical data, supporting various RAW file types. This tutorial guides users through familiarizing with DSS’s interface, registering and stacking images, and handling both DSLR/color and monochromatic data. Steps include setting master frames, choosing stacking options, saving stacked images, and preparing data for post-processing edits. It emphasizes using the Kappa-Sigma clipping mode for processing over five frames and recommends saving TIFF files. Monochrome data requires stacking filter sets separately before editing.

Affinity Photo HaRGB Editing

This article guides readers on enhancing astro-images by integrating H-Alpha (Ha) into RGB images using Affinity Photo, emphasizing the details and contrast Ha captures. It details post-stack adjustments, creating a Red composite with Pixinsight’s PixelMath, and blending Ha into the Red channel. Techniques include softening stars with a Dust and Scratches filter, adjusting with luminosity and opacity, and refining with curves adjustments for a high-contrast, detailed final image.